Exam Proctoring

The library provides exam proctoring services to students registered in distance education courses. For more information, please contact EMAIL to set up a date and time.


  • We charge a one time user fee of $15.00 to supervise exams
  • Charge for printing and faxing documents is $2.00 per fax
  • Charge for faxing or scanning answer sheets and sending is $2.00 per document set


  • Contact the library as directed by your educational institution
  • You are responsible to bring paper and any items as instructed by your institution.
  • We provide a private space, computer access, proctoring service through contact with your online instructor/ institution
  • If you need us to register as a certified proctor, three months in advance of your end date contact: librarian@laglacelibrary.ab.ca to ensure we have the ability to proctor for your institution.